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Sandra Banky


Assistant Principal

Dr. Tracy L. McCloud Sr.

Health Inspection Overview

We will always be up to date with the lastest Health Inspection Report.

You can click on the link here to view our latest report in PDF format.

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We wiil have video lesson demonstrations and techniques.

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Faculty Roster
Home of the Panda

Samuel Stewart Jr.

Internet - - Web Page Builder
Video Editing including Animations
Music Teacher / Multi - Instrumentalist
Programmer - Computer Science

Payne, Donna

Thurston, Nathaniel

Hollis-Sands, Verdell
Moran, Onaidy

Collins, Vernita

Yolanda D. Meadows

Teacher Saint Louis, Bernadette
Teacher Williams, Docie
Assistant Teacher Erica Smith
Monte Coleman
Assoc. Educator Morris, Johnie


Smith, Dianne
Luckie, Lora
Dunbar, Monica


May - Edwards, Jennifer
Benaine, Shawn
Messa - Gonzalez, Maria


Hopwood, Latoya
Wilson, Dorothy
Adrien, Sherley
Abreu, Dulce


Johnson, Shara
Basulto, Jacqueline
Joseph Clergeau



Brown - Poiter, Gennie
Remelus, Daphney
Singleton, Shaneen
Turner, Shanese


Dixon, JoLyn
ESe - EBD (VE)
Siler, Edna
ESe - EBD (2 - 3)
Lemonier, Barbara
EBD (Parafrofessional)
Brown, Deborah
ESE - EBD (4 - 5)
Flowers, Timothy
EBD (Parafrofessional)


Music Stewart, Jr Samuel
P. E. Grimes, Edward
Art Bryan, Natalie
Gifted Fernandez, Ann
Speech Holland, Jill
CIS Gibson, Shana
Full Service Coordinator Cobb, Annie
Spanish Pedraza, Josefina
Psychologist Budowski, Joyce
ESOL Rodriquez, Elisha


Elementary School Assistant / Registrar Centeno, Aida
School Clinician Collin, Marie
Media Clerk Muhummud, Aijalon


Andrews, Antranique
Turner, Diane

Brenda Morris Washington

Lenetha Norman

Head Custodian Hudson, Rolley
Lead Custodian Jones, Mary
Custodian Adams, Michael
Custodian Blackman, Quancies


Cafeteria Manager O'Hara, Francine
Kitchen Thompson, Iris
Kitchen Jackson, Angela
Kitchen Smith, Judy
Lunchroom Monitor Jones, Deloris
Cafeteria Part Time Cooper, Evelyn



School Hours:
PreK to1st Grade 8:35 a.m -3.05 p.m

2nd to 5th Grade 8:35 a.m - 4.0 5p.m

All Grade Levels ( K - 5 )
8:35 am - 3:05 pm

For more information, call
305 - 691-6391

Panda - Commitment

Miami Park Elementary is a Full Service School committed to providing real-world educational experiences for all students. The school's mission is focused on the belief that all students should be exposed to a hands-on, minds-on, learning environment so they can make lifelong contributions to the multi-cultural community in which they live.

We are committed to be a new and next generation learning environment .