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Dr. Tracy L. McCloud Sr.


Health Inspection Overview

We will always be up to date with the lastest Health Inspection Report.

You can click on the link here to view our latest report in PDF format.

* Parents Can Get Child's Grade Automatically


The District Electronic Gradebook provides automated email notifications to parents and students who subscribe for this service.

Parents and students who wish to start receiving automated email subscriptions can do so via the Electronic Gradebook link in the parent or student portals.
Registration instructions, demonstration videos as well as a description of all notifications can be found on the PIV resources page at:



Online Free and Reduced Lunch Application

Click on the link below .


Please have your child(ren)'s student identification number(s) available when completing the online application.  If needed, you may obtain this by contacting your child(ren)'s school.

If you fill out the on-line application please do not fill out the paper application that will be sent home with your child(ren).

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Math Flash Cards Overview

The Math Flash Cards Game is a program Mr. stewart wrote and coded.
To start a session, click on the 'New Player' button. Enter your name, then click on the 'Start game' button to begin answering the problems. To answer a problem, just click on the button under the answer you want.

Select the difficulty setting and math function that you want. These options are at the top of the page and can only be changed after the game has stopped. The difficulty option shows the range of numbers that the problem can be constructed from

The game will track how many answers you get right and wrong and how long it takes you to get the correct answer (in seconds). You can stop the game at any time by clicking on the 'Stop game' button. This will put your current score in the Highscores area at the bottom.

To switch players, click on the 'New Player' button. As you switch players, the previous player's score will be added to the Highscores area.


Free Books Give Away

Parents were able to sign up for free books sponsored by the Infinity Company.

Click on the Free Books Link on the left to see the sponsors.

Read, Read and Read Some More


School Song

Children Singing in class.

I like Miami Park Elementary
I like the way we all learn
with concern
I like to raise my hand
,speak my mind,
understand, at Miami Park

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FCAT Video/Song Overview

The FCAT video was edited by Mr. Stewart using SpongeBob and (Ed, EDD and Eddy) cartoons. The music and singing was done by Miami-Gardens Parks and Recreation Dept. The video is a "Youtube" hit. It has recieved many positive feedbacks. You can also check this video and others that Mr. Stewart has edited including his "Youtube" hit "Boom, Boom, Pow" under the search of "samnetworks"

Digital Learning Overview

The Miami Park - Digital Learning video was produced and edited by Mr. Shawn Lorenzo Benaine.



Accreditation Overview

While accreditation is a set of rigorous protocols and research-based processes for evaluating an institution’s organizational effectiveness, it is far more than that. Today accreditation examines the whole institution—the programs, the cultural context, the community of stakeholders—to determine how well the parts work together to meet the needs of students.

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Summer Reading Guidelines Links

All the reading reports and activities for K through 5th grade are available

Pre-K through Grade 5
Home of the Panda

School Hours:
PreK to1st Grade 8:35 a.m -3.05 p.m

2nd to 5th Grade 8:35 a.m - 4.05 p.m

* The District Electronic Gradebook provides automated email notifications to parents and students who subscribe for this service. - Click here for more information

Miami Park Elementary School envisions an environment based on student centered learning, in which all stakeholders facilitate the development of higher order thinking skills and provide opportunities for inquiry-based learning for all modalities.

Miami Park Elementary School, staff, parents and community believe that by creating a hands-on minds-on learning environment using real-world experiences all students will be prepared to make lifelong contributions to the multicultural community in which they live.

Panda - Commitment

Miami Park Elementary is a Full Service School committed to providing real-world educational experiences for all students. The school's mission is focused on the belief that all students should be exposed to a hands-on, minds-on, learning environment so they can make lifelong contributions to the multi-cultural community in which they live.

We are committed to be a new and next generation learning environment .